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  • Reload, with the same goal on our minds!!!! #LetsRide Bandits
  • April 30th 2022 First Game of the Season
  • April 23rd 2022 we will be heading to Two Rivers WI to take on the Wisconsin Ravens!!
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Sat Jul 24/21 2:00pm: (2021)
#Bandits 8
Brown County BlackJacks 38
Sat Jul 17/21 5:00pm: (2021)
Bandits 42
Bulldogs 6
Sat Jul 10/21 4:00pm: (2021)
Wildcats 0
Bandits 76
Sat Jun 26/21 2:00pm: (2021)
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Roughriders 42
Sat Jun 12/21 3:00pm: (2021)
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Sat Jun 5/21 4:00pm: (2021)
Roughriders 21
Bandits 6
Sat May 22/21 5:00pm: (2021)
Bandits 33
Wildcats 0
Sat May 15/21 3:00pm: (2021)
MaddDogs 12
Bandits 6
Sat May 1/21 3:00pm: (2021)
Bulldogs 18
Bandits 36
Sat Apr 24/21 3:00pm: (2021)
*Sabercats 14
Bandits 20
Upcoming Games
Sat Jul 9/22 5:00pm: (2022)
#Bandits -
River City Roughriders -
Sat Jul 16/22 5:00pm: (2022)
#Bandits -
Madison Mad Dawgs -
Sat Jul 23/22 5:00pm: (2022)
#Bandits -
Tri-City Bulldogs -


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Countdown to
PreseasonGame Bandits vs Wisconsin Ravens

(Apr 23, 2022 @ 2:00pm)

Let's Ride Bandits!!!!


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